[sf-lug] thanks for all the help today

Michael Blanc mblanc at znet.com
Sun May 6 19:59:32 PDT 2007

I was glad to meet everyone this afternoon, and thank you all for the advice.

The Puppy CD booted up just fine (and even easier after I had given the drive some cleaning!) It loaded a 2.6 series kernel, and I was able to mount an NTFS device to peek into the Windoze volume. I'm confident that the old system h/w will support what I need to do with it. Thanks, Bobbi -- I'll return the CD next time.

There is still some heartburn with my CD-ROM reader. The Ubuntu may not be usable until I get another drive. Though it looks like I finally managed to load some MEPIS distribution...

So it goes. Thanks again.

mike b

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