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Greetings Everyone,

I am trying to set-up a small business and I need to meet a few technology challenges.  The first is that I need to have an internet presence complete with online ordering, and second that my bookkeeper who will be helping me set up and monitor my finances is in another city and we both should have access to the accounting and inventory info.

My plan at this point is to start off using Yahoo or one of the other small business hosting services for ecommerce and and I will have to flounder on the phone to the bookkeeper as I set-up and use quickbooks.  But in the long-run I will probably be better off with a web-based ERP package and perhaps some form of e-commerce software if it is not built in.  Right now I am a one-man show and will probably remain so for at least a year. I don't need anything fancy, but I think an integrated and web-enabled  package will require less work and maintenance in the long run.  At this point I have been looking at SQL ledger, Tiny ERP and Compire.  

I use to be a DBA, and I enjoy technology, but I need to focus on getting things done with a minimum of hassle, and I don't have money for a lot of consulting.  While any comments on the above scheme are appreciated, I would most like to know 1) am I buying more or less headaches by moving to a small ERP?   2) Do any of you have experince with a web-based package that you could comment on for or against?

Again, any insights will be appreciated.


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