[sf-lug] Help Linux Flourish

Usr Bin Sh usr.bin.sh at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 14:06:50 PDT 2007

When somebody asking me for donation (money or my "Man-hours"), I
always think about consequences: how well the donation will be spent.
If I donated, I'm in part responsible for actions of the
person/organization that receives the money. I want to be sure that my
effort helps somebody, not hurting anybody

This Linux race car sounds cool, but I suspect that "Helios and Co"
just on the way to take a credit for their marketing genius (i assume
its as best case scenario). I don't see a huge benefit for the

My answer: I'm not ready to donate money to tux500. I prefer Linux
advocacy/teaching option and Linux financing through the donation or
purchasing of distros I'm familiar with. That way I can, more or less,
control the donation.

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