[sf-lug] Fwd: Linux Panel Discussion announced for Jan 25th - Santa Clara CC

jim stockford jim at well.com
Wed Jan 10 22:24:04 PST 2007

> the technical conference called the Real-Time & Embedded Computing 
> Conference (RTECC) will be at the Santa Clara Convention Center on 
> Thursday, January 25th (its completely free to attend) and we've got a 
> new Linux Panel Discussion that I thought you and your members might 
> enjoy.  Here's a snapshot for your review.  For a guest badge or more 
> info ::: www.rtecc.com/santaclara. Walk in guests are welcome as well.
> ==============================================
> 9:45 – 11:15 am     Panel Discussion  
> presented by FSM Labs’ President and CEO, Mr. Victor Yodaiken
> Listen in on this influential group of Linux Experts as they discuss 
> the convergence and interoperability of Linux Enterprise and devices 
> using multi-core, virtualization, synchronization and security 
> technologies.   Moderated by Bill Weinberg, President of Linux Pundit
> Panelists include:
> Victor Yodaiken ::: President & CEO of FSMLabs and creator of RTLinux
> Rajive Joshi :::   Principal Software Engineer with Real-Time 
> Innovations
> Moiz Kohari :::   Director of Real Time Solutions with Novell, and 
> former  CEO of Mission Critical Linux
> Marc Miller :::  Strategic Alliance Manager with Advanced Micro 
> Devices (AMD)
> David Rivas ::: Chief Technology Officer with a la Mobile
> Michael Ticse ::: VP of Business Dev. with Velankani Communications 
> Technologies
> About the moderator:::
> Mr. Bill Weinberg brings over 18 years open systems, embedded, and 
> other IT experience to his Independent Analyst / Consultancy at 
> Linuxpundit.com.  Previously, he worked as Senior Analyst and Mobile 
> Linux / Carrier Grade Linux Initiative Manager at Open Source 
> Development Labs.  Prior to OSDL, Mr. Weinberg was a founding 
> team-member at MontaVista Software, helping establish Linux as the 
> favored platform for next-generation intelligent device development. 
> He also worked at Lynx Real-Time Systems, Acer Computer, and Microtec 
> Research. Today Mr. Weinberg is known for his writing and speaking on 
> topics that include Open Source licensing, international adoption of 
> Linux, embedded/real-time computing, application porting/migration, 
> and Linux-based consumer applications. He is a regular contributor 
> periodicals like to LinuxUser, ComputerWorld, and Enterprise Open 
> Source, and a frequent speaker at open source and mobile events around 
> the world.
> ==============================================
> Please post or share the open invitation with your members if you feel 
> its appropriate. 
> Happy New Year, and we hope to welcome you and your colleagues on 
> January 25th,
> Best - Sally
> Sally Bixby  ~  The RTC Group
> office/ +1 503.274.8005    cell/ +1 949.547.2885
> Int'l Marketing Manager / Event Production Manager
> Real-Time & Embedded Computing Conferences (RTECC) www.rtecc.com
> COMING in FEB '07!  MVA Communications Ecosystem 
> Conference (MVACEC)  www.mvacec.com

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