[sf-lug] Some Debian developers on quasi-strike?

Jason Turner jturner at nonzerosums.org
Tue Dec 19 17:11:47 PST 2006

>From eWeek's daily mail...


News: Disgruntled Debian Developers Delay Etch

Vexed that two Debian developers were getting paid for their work, other
Debian programmers have either ceased or slowed down their work on the
popular Linux distribution.

I haven't read anyone's "position" paper(s) yet but, despite my love of Debian, I still don't see this bit of news as too big a deal for users.  Of course, I'm assuming that any slowdown isn't too bad.  I waited a long time for Debian 3.0 so seeing 4.0 within this year would have been breakneck speed to me!  I'm sure the politics among distribution developers will continue to be interesting though.  Perhaps Ubuntu's influence on Debian will grow as a result?



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