[sf-lug] RHCT Red Hat Certified Technician Linux Study Guide (Exam RH202)

jim stockford jim at well.com
Wed Nov 22 23:21:23 PST 2006

    i've read it. it's got a lot of good points and a
few not-so-good points.
    it deals with RHEL 3.0, which i think is fine--
the RHEL 4.0 certification focuses on the
    it has lots of good info and good question
sections and mini-tests.
    where it seems weak to me is in its beginning--
in taking the tests, the test-taker works to fix or
set up a host with respect to an existing network
and set of servers that are part of the classroom
test environment. in the beginning of the book
the author tries to explain what to do to set up
a similar server host to work with a client. But
if the reader doesn't know the issues of the
client, the reader doesn't know the issues for
setting up a corresponding server: the result
is, at least for me, pretty convoluted reading
which did me no good.
    the benefit i got was from the later chapters
and especially the questions following each
    overall, in my view, it's a really good book
and i'm glad i bought it.

On Nov 22, 2006, at 11:14 AM, Yan Gong wrote:

> Hi, My Bay Area friends:
> I heard this book is very useful for passing RHCT.
> Has anybody read it yet?
> RHCT Red Hat Certified Technician Linux Study Guide
> (Exam RH202)
> by Michael Jang
> McGraw-Hill/Osborne © 2004 (616 pages)
> ISBN:0072255390
> Get complete coverage of exam objectives and
> performance-based requirements for the RHCT exam with
> this comprehensive study guide. You'll get full
> coverage of exam objectives, hundreds of practice exam
> questions, hands-on exercises, and more.
> On Bookshelf
> Table of Contents
> 	RHCT Red Hat Certified Technician Linux Study Guide
> (Exam RH202)
> 	Recently Read 		Accessed 1 day ago
> 	Preface
> 	Introduction
> 	Chapter 1 	- 	RHCT Prerequisites
> 	Chapter 2 	- 	Installation
> 	Chapter 3 	- 	During and After Installation
> 	Chapter 4 	- 	Basic Configuration and Administration
> 	Chapter 5 	- 	Kernel, cron, and User Administration
> 	Chapter 6 	- 	X Window System
> 	Chapter 7 	- 	Linux Network Clients
> 	Chapter 8 	- 	Operational Administration Recovery and
> Security
> 	Appendix A 	- 	About the CD
> 	Appendix B 	- 	Installation Screens for Red Hat
> Enterprise Linux 3
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> _____________
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