[sf-lug] November SVLUG Linux Workshop / Installfest this Saturday

SVLUG President president at svlug.org
Thu Nov 16 16:35:51 PST 2006

Hello, Bay Area Linux Enthusiasts!

This Saturday is the third Saturday of November... which means it's
time for yet another SVLUG Linux Workshop / Installfest.  We're happy
to help install your favorite Linux onto notebooks, old PCs, and new
PCs.  We can help with installing and configuring software that you
might be having problems with, and, worst case, we can help read the
manuals (or source code!) with you if all else fails.

Google graciously allows us to host these events on their campus, and
they're kind enough to provide an awesome variety of free drinks,
wireless and wired internet connectivity, and even some overhead
projectors for the occasional presentation.

Recent attendees have raved about the installfest, making such statements as:
"Thanks for the help",  "Oh... THATS how that works!", and "I didn't
know you could DO that!"

If you haven't yet decided how you're going to spend your Saturday
afternoon, consider joining us.  We'll be there from 11AM until 4PM.

Details can be found on the SVLUG website: http://svlug.org/installfest/

The most important thing you'll learn on that page is: "please don't
assume someone else will lug a monitor there for you."

Here's the address:
 Google, Inc.
 1565 Charleston, Building 46
 Room 135 ("Avarua" room)
 Mountain View, CA
 (note: the parking lot entrance is on Huff, not Charleston)

Best regards, and I hope to see some new faces there this weekend!
-Paul Reiber
SVLUG Installfest Coordinator & newly-elected President

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