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vincent polite vpolitewebsiteguy at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 10 14:25:05 PST 2006

Hi Pavel,
Well, on my "corporate" desktop, technically I could do it. But, I think the EPA would get a little upset. It might be nice to do it. Lotus notes and Zenworks is just such a hog of RAM. Does anybody know what Zenworks is? I do like being able to have two email accounts open at the sametime in Notes. But, still a pain. Got alternatives? 

Pavel Livchits <pavell at genesyslab.com> wrote: Vincent:
If you need good desktop distro, Mepis (SimplyMEPIS 6.0 on single CD) is
definitely the choice: neat, smooth, stable.
www.mepis.org  On http://distrowatch.com/ Mepis is #4.

I recently erased my windowze on my corporate desktop (those
updates/restarts, explorer glitches are killing me)
and tried several distros as a substitution: Linspire, Freespire,
Ubuntu, Mandriva, CentOS.

2nd choice is CentOS. I like it as it's quite sophisticated and stable
(but also ascetic and need 4 CDs to burn).
I like Fedora but prefer stability over the "bleeding edge".

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Well, as usual, I do to much. I've played with RedHat and Linspire. I'm
going to put Xandros on my laptop, probably next week.

Rick Moen  wrote: Hi, Vincent.  A week ago, I sent
this post, and have seen no reply.  If you'd rather not say, that's fine
-- but I'm just really curious about which Linux distributions so far
you've installed and tried out (or, in the case of live-CD
distributions, just tried out).

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Quoting vincent polite (vpolitewebsiteguy at yahoo.com):

> To me it seems a bit overwhelming. I look at what Jim has gone through

> to learn, and I think about my how much I would need to learn to be 
> competent and employable with it. Daunting.

Vincent, out of pure curiosity, which distributions _have_ you installed
and tried out?  

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