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Subject: [sprint] Season of Usability - Call for Mentors
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in the scope of OpenUsability we will soon offer a number of sponsored
student projects that aim at getting students of usability, user
interface design or information architecture into Open Source projects.
It's modeled after the Google Summer of Code, and we even gave it a
similar name: "Season of Usability" ;-)


We are still looking for usability mentors who are willing to coach a
student. The time frame of the project will be January to March 2006,
(while announcements should be sent out as soon as possible).

You are free to choose any OSS project and define a usability task in
agreement with the developers. Maybe you started to work on a project
during one of sprints and would like to continue the work? Mentoring a
student would be a good way to get work done while keeping the load low
for yourself. Otherwise we can offer you a number of interesting OSS
projects registered on OpenUsability.

To give you an idea of what such a student project might be like, have a
look at our pilot project:

We would be happy to welcome usability mentors from the FLOSS usability
community and make this a joint effort of the two groups!

For further information on alternative OSS projects, the procedure and
dates, please contact me or reply to this list.

Thank you,


Ellen Reitmayr
Usability Engineer


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