[sf-lug] Linux on speed...

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Nov 2 19:10:44 PST 2006

Quoting jim stockford (jim at well.com):

> yes--the phrase is "drinking from a fire hose".

That reaction is sort of like walking into the refrigerated storage 
at Original Joe's on Taylor and crying out "Damn!  There's no _way_
I'm going to be able to eat all of that steak." 

True.  You won't.  But you should, nonetheless, go back you your nice
cushy booth, order a dinner, and enjoy.  A few weeks later, if you feel
like it, come back with friends and try a different dish.

In other words, it's really _silly_ to be daunted by too many
distributions with too much updates.  Sorry, that's just a really poor
and transparent excuse for remaining on the sidewalk, pressing your nose
against the store window.  What you really want to do is just pick a
distribution (it doesn't make a huge difference which one), try it out, 
and live with it for a few weeks.   After a few weeks to a month of
living with its use day-to-day, if you remain curious, blow it away and
try a different one.

There's nothing wrong with just kicking the tires, but eventually you
might want to get around to the driving part.

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