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amro at shaketech.com writes:

> My company is trying to find a Senior Linux Sys-Admin.. if you guys/gals
> know of anyone, please send'm my way. 

I am very interested by this position.

I have  a big experience of storage  systems, I work from  more of one
year on  the storage and file  system side of some  top500 clusters in

I have been a Unix fan  for 8 years, my previous job involved hundreds
of solaris  servers, full time Debian  user for 5 years,  I like learn
new system and new programming languages and also improve my skills in
Unix, tasks'  automation, high availability and  scripting (bash, perl

Please  find enclosed  my resume  in text  format.

Best Regards, Ludovic

  Ludovic FRANCOIS
  4, rue Louis Lejeune
  92 120 Montrouge - France
  Phone: +33 (0)6 20 67 05 42
  E-mail: ludo at epita.fr
  skype: ludovic.francois
  Objective: A fulltime position involving expertise in these fields:
Linux/Unix system administration, high-performance computing, computer
and network security, automation scripts.

 -   June 2005 - Present, System Engineer at DataDirect Networks, Inc.

	SAN sharing system setup (software, hardware) in Europe in HPC and
   	Broadcast company.
 	Developed testing scripts. Analyzed performance results to identify
   	bottlenecks. Compared performance of different file system protocols
   	and system configurations. Involvment in the installation of Tera10,
   	the biggest Supercomputer in Europe so far, 60 Tflops, 1 PetaByte.
   	Installation and troubleshooting of SAN around europe in HPC and
   	Broadcast company.

	Hardware involved: Brocade, Qlogic Fibre Channel Switch, Xyratech JBOD,
   	DDN S2A controllers, Novascale Bull servers.
 	Software involved: Solaris, Irix, Linux, Polyserve, CXFS, SNFS, GPFS,
   	NFS, Lustre. 
 -   March 2004 - June 2005, System Engineer Unix at Thalès Airborne System.
 	Member of a 15 people team. On call Unix support of more of 300
   	stations, 10 UNIX domains on 3 sites (Brest, Pessac, Paris),
   	implementation of automation scripts, internal communication tools
   	and knowledge database. Supervisor : Mr Pierre Blas.

	Hardware involved: SUN, SGI, HP workstations, NetApp filers.
 	Software involved: Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Linux, NIS, NIS+, NFS,
   	clearcase, flexlm, nagios, cvs, svn, bash, perl. 
 -   June - September 2004/2005, C/Unix teacher for second year students at EPITA.
 	Software involved: NetBSD, Linux, gcc, gdb, cvs, svn. 
 -   January 2003 - March 2004, System Administrator at EUC.
 	Specification, development and  administration of the information
   	system of Elektronik  Utbildnings Center AB in Bromma (Sweden). 300
   	users on 3 sites (Bromma, Norrtälje, Åkersberga) Supervisor : Mr 
   	Kemel Benali.

	Software involved: Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl, bind,
   	netfilter/iptables, OpenLDAP, OpenVPN, cvs, ssh, SpamAssassin,
   	ClamAV, AMaViS, and Postfix. 
 -   September - December 2002, C/Unix teacher for  first and second year students at EPITA.
 	Software involved: NetBSD, Linux, gcc, gdb, cvs, svn, OpenLDAP,
   	FreeRadius, OpenICAP, squid. 
 -   August 2002, SCO/Unix trainer at Karwell.

	Training done in  Vienne for the agricultural cooperative of the Dauphiné.

	Software involved: SCO/Unix, FreeBSD. 
 -   October - December 2001, Training period at Mandrakesoft.
  	Maintenance of various packages and development of applications of the
   	Linux  Mandrake Distribution. Supervisor : Mr Frédéric Bastok.

	Hardware involved: IA64.
	Software involved: gcc, GtkFrameBuffer, rpm. 
 -   Summer 2000, Summer job at the "bocal" (system and network administration of EPITA).
	Involvment in the installation of two new  machine rooms with
	hundreds computers in each one running NetBSD. Arrangement  of the
   	server room. Supervisor : Mr Nicolas Sadirac.
2005                                 Sun microsystems - Solaris system performance management (SA-400).  
2000 - 2003                          French Computer Science School EPITA (Ecole Pour l'Informatique et les
                                     Techniques  Avancées) - System, Network and Security Department   
                                     (equivalent to a Master's Degree in Computer Science) -  Paris, France.  
1998 - 2000                          Scientific classes: two years intensive course  in Mathematics 
				     and Physics (undergraduate level) leading to competitive exams 
				     for entrance into French  national engineering schools - Arras, France. 

1998                                 Mathematics and Physics "Baccalauréat" (French secondary school diploma, 
				     equivalent to the "A" levels) -  Arras, France.     
 Languages                            C/Unix, flex, Gtk, Perl, Perl/Tk, 
                                      Bourne shell scripting, C++, Java,
                                      PHP, SQL.                         
 Operating systems                    FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Linux : 
                                      system administration and kernel  
                                      Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, DOS, Windows 
                                      3.1/9x/NT/2000 :  system          
 Administration 	              apache, bind, nfsd, samba,        
                                      sendmail, ftpd, cups, wireless    
                                      network, iptables/netfilter, dhcpd,  
                                      ldap, vpn, inn, snmpd, cvs,       
                                      clearcase, jabber.                
 Shared files systems		      gpfs, snfs, cxfs, polyserve.      
 Security                             Involved in the development of the  
                                      project vnet, programming of an OS
                                      fingerprinting tool.         
 Programming			      Implementation of a shell,        
                                      miscellaneous network programming 
                                      clients and servers (NNTP, FTP,   
 Text formatting tools                LaTeX, HTML.                      
 Languages                            English, French (mother tongue).  
 Sports                               Ski, tennis and table tennis.     
 Driver License                       B (VL) obtained on March 18, 1998.

Ludovic Francois                +33 (0)6 20 67 05 42

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