[sf-lug] Alternative to PacBell DSL: sonic.com

ron rondosxx at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 23 16:16:41 PDT 2006

We had a falling out with Pac Bell too. We refused to
"upgrade" to their yahoo branded DSL, so eventually
they decided to bill us online without telling us. Of
course we never received the bill, there's no reason
why anything from them wouldn't be spam, now is there?
So when we enquired why our service had been off for a
day and a half, they told us we hadn't paid and our
account had been cancelled. BUT we could sign a two
year contract and service could be restored in 10
days. Two minutes later I was talking to sonic.com,
and two days later we had received the new modem from
sonic and we were up and running without a single
interruption in the past six months. And that's
something I couldn't say about the former service. So
we're quite happy. Maybe sonic can help your friend.

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