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jim stockford jim at well.com
Sat Oct 21 18:21:15 PDT 2006

    most LUGs are informal, ad hoc groups (i believe there's
a legal term for such that legitimizes informal groups for a
particular legal status).
    SF-LUG is such. See the web site for specifics, especially
the parts asking for volunteers to help here and there
(manage the web site and, soon, to help with the machine
in its new colo space should it go down).

    as to PenLUG, John's got it right: there is an umbrella
group of do-gooders called California Community Colocation
Project (unfortunately sporting the initials CCCP).
for information and links.
    PenLUG's depending on CCCP, which is having money
problems, and so PenLUG is asking its members to help out.
    Sympathetic, I forwarded their request for help to our bunch
in the event some of us feel kindly and able to lend a fiscal

    I'm copying Bill Ward, the PenLUG honcho, for verification,
correction, additional info.

On Oct 21, 2006, at 4:48 PM, John Lowry wrote:

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> I don't think it is for PERNLug,
> I think it is for communitycolo. Could very easily be wrong, someone
> correct me if I am.
> ron wrote:
>> Can someone offer some perspective here? I am totally
>> unaware of how even our own LUG covers its operating
>> costs. I suspect they are minimal, though perhaps a
>> couple of people are supporting it under the radar;
>> Jim and Rick come to mind. Is there a compelling
>> reason to donate to PEN-LUG? Shouldn't they be shaming
>> their own members to shoulder the burden? Last time I
>> looked, the Peninsula is one of the richest counties
>> in California.
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