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> From: "Bill Ward" <bill at wards.net>
> Date: October 20, 2006 9:01:51 PM PDT
> To: "PenLUG Members" <members at penlug.org>
> Subject: [PenLUG] Donation for hosting
> Our domain penlug.org is hosted on a box which is part of the
> California Community Colo Project (www.communitycolo.org) which is a
> non-profit organization.
> The organization is having a serious budget shortfall and I am
> currently at the emergency volunteer meeting where we are organizing a
> pledge drive.  They need to raise $20,000 to cover expenses for the
> next three months or the service could be shut down!!!  Anyone who
> derives benefit from the site, such as PenLUG members, is encouraged
> to pledge to support the org.  A pledge of any size is welcome.
> My wife and I have personally been also giving a $10/month donation.
> But for this pledge drive we have pledged $120 ($40/month for the next
> 3 months).  It costs an average of about $50/month per computer to
> cover expenses - our box is shared with dozens of other domains.  But
> most users don't donate, and the org has been operating at a loss,
> which is why there is a financial crisis.
> To pledge, send an email to pledge at communitycolo.net or edit the
> pledge page on the wiki:
> http://cccp.pbwiki.com/FrontPage
> Let me know if you have any questions.
> --Bill.
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