[sf-lug] SF co-lo & servers?

jim stockford jim at well.com
Wed Oct 11 08:21:24 PDT 2006

    there are co-los all over, i'm sure. according to the
Taos internal email, a lot of them are not so good. I
don't know to what degree this impression may be
overly pissy or accurate. complaints include electrical
failure (problems with big UPS systems that are a
sine qua non for co-los), too much heat, and missing
or insufficiently competent on-site staff. anybody got
knowledge, especially of other co-los in san francisco
that are okay?

On Oct 8, 2006, at 7:21 PM, John Strazzarino wrote:

> Jim,
> I also wondered why he needed a co-lo in S.F. if he's in Europe?  I am 
> sure that there are good co-lo's all over the place.
> Just Wondering
> John
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