[sf-lug] SoCoSA Meeting this Wednesday: MySQL Backup and Recovery Manager

Eric Eisenhart freiheit at socosa.org
Mon Oct 2 10:28:31 PDT 2006

Details: http://socosa.org/meeting/2006/10

When: Wednesday, October 4th.
Food start: 6pm; show up by 6:10 to get in on a food order; probably pizza
Talk start: 7pm
Topic: Backup and Recovery manager for MySQL
Location: O'Reilly in Sebastopol (see URL for map)

As MySQL gets used in increasingly critical and 24/7 applications, its live
backup has become increasingly important for administrators. Zmanda Recovery
Manager for MySQL is a simple to use tool to do MySQL backups and recovery.
It provides enterprise level backup features such as scheduling, reporting
and notification. The talk will cover the details of project (code is
available under GPL), product features and roadmap. We will also talk about
choices and challenges while backing up a MySQL based environment.

Speaker: Paddy Sreenivasan of zmanda.

Paddy has worked on multiple open source projects in areas of system
availability, backup and recovery. Currently he's focussed on database as
well as system backup and recovery projects.
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