[sf-lug] a few topics from today's meeting

jim stockford jim at well.com
Sun Oct 1 18:13:11 PDT 2006

The claim today was that Sonic is a good ISP, better
than comcast.

----------------VoIP and PBX and softphones:
media temple is hosting company that also runs an
asterisk-based VoIP call center with something like
40 agents.

Who's going to San Francisco State University on
Tuesday, 10/10 for Sameer's Asterisk demo and
subsequent open discussion with his class? You
can count on rides to or from in SF.

SFlan is an experimental wireless community network
in SF. SFLan is currently in beta.

There's an active wireless group in Alameda

Seattle Wireless is a grassroots Community Wireless
Network (CWN) project in Seattle, Washington.
"we believe that we can build a network without
recurrent fees that is not beholden to any
CommercialTelecommunicationsProvider. Our network
is a MeshNetwork that follows the
FreeNetworksPeeringAgreement and is built on

There's the claim that wimax works better than
wifi: 802.16E, WirelessMAN, it's got a 70 mile range.

----------------Computer School:
someone promises to let us know of a school that
teaches various computer skills in or around South
San Francisco--an eight-session class for $30.

----------------there was more, but i coudn't type fast enough.

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