[sf-lug] Entry level/ intern LAMP person

jim stockford jim at well.com
Fri Sep 29 21:27:15 PDT 2006

    walmart.com seems occasionally willing to hire
intern/very-low-pay junior techies to work in their
very complex environment.
    I'll bet there are others. I would consider hiring
on if a job had me working on stuff I'm interested
in and if there would be a supportive, hopefully
mentoring, environment (people--attitudes), with
no worry about pay: for several months. Then I'd
be looking for $50K or better.
    In my experience, the description you have can
belong to someone with no experience or a lot of
experience or in between. It's the experience that
will determine salary, largely.
    My guess is that someone who really knows the
033 and 133 stuff can be found working for $60K
to $80K, given they have two to four years of prior
work experience.
    That's my guess.

On Sep 29, 2006, at 4:44 PM, Tony wrote:

> Hi Everyone:
> I am curious. How much does an entry level/intern LAMP
> person need to know? For example, if that person knows
> the course content of the courses offered by Red Hat:
> RH 033 - Linux Basics and RH 133 Systems
> Administration, has some experience running an Apache
> server, knows basic php scripting and knows basic
> MySQL, is this enough?
> Additionally, what should such a person be paid?
> $20,000 a year with just medical insurance or more? Or
> less?
> Tony
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