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jim stockford jim at well.com
Tue Sep 19 11:20:43 PDT 2006

that's worth at least a nickle. got more details?
like names of production companies, names
of sources, other (maybe related) industry
areas doing the same, job prospects?

On Sep 19, 2006, at 10:29 AM, vincent polite wrote:

> My two cents. It seems these email exchanges devolve into hardware and 
> heavy duty geek talk. What about bringing the topic for Sameer's class 
> to something more practical that they can be used in everyday life. 
> For instance, for lack of a better symbol, an open source mp3 player. 
> The benefits of using open source in business. I brought up a topic a 
> month ago that fell flat. But, it will change the way movies are made, 
> and thusly business opportunities. A lot of virtual effects production 
> companies are going to open source for there software because software 
> companies can't respond to there needs fast enough. Or, they have to 
> buy more then the need, in both hardware and software. Some thoughts
> Sameer Verma <sverma at sfsu.edu> wrote:
>  jim stockford wrote:
> > [snipped...] As to the topic, I don't see VoIP as having much to
> > offer--I have it and use it. Got it from SpeakEasy, paid
> > money, they sent a box. I plugged the VoIP box into
> > the DSL box, plugged the phone into the VoIP box,
> > and voila--i can call France for $0.08 per minute,
> > long as I make the monthly (about $30) payments.
> > I.e. VoIP seems not to present user issues of much
> > interest. There's no Linux component per se. I'd love
> > to hear different.
> VoIP and Linux go hand in hand really well. Of course, the topic will
> not include the likes of Vonage as those are consumer services. I have
> no idea what they use in the back. For VoIP, I would look along the
> lines of building an Asterisk PBX server (http://www.asterisk.org/) for
> personal/small business use. Two projects come to mind.
> 1) Trixbox [http://www.trixbox.org/]: A CentOS based VoIP PBX that will
> work with hardware such as the TDM400P
> (http://www.digium.com/en/products/hardware/tdm400p.php)...I happen to
> have one :-)
> 2) AstLinux [http://www.astlinux.org/]: A small (32MB) Linux-based VoIP
> distro that can run off a CD or a CF Card. Has a web-based interface 
> and
> can do IP to IP calls in a few minutes! The CF card is designed to run
> off of a Soekris box [http://www.soekris.com/net4801.htm], which I can
> arrange for.
> Anyone interested?
> > Can we also include other topics?
>  Absolutely.
> > Maybe how come
> > you use linux? which community efforts appeal? Do
> > you value open source? what are your favorite
> > programs? what's the job market for linux, for open
> > source.... which linux distro(s) do you prefer?
> >
> >
> Excellent questions. We can plan on meeting in a week or two, depending
> on scheduling at SF State. I'll keep the list posted.
> Sameer
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