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jim stockford jim at well.com
Fri Aug 25 07:34:24 PDT 2006

per the job posting policy on

check out the entire posting here:

summary: in palo alto, $90 to $115K
[JOB] Python Developer, Palo Alto, CA | 90-115k
    My client is a stealth web 2.0 company with offices in Palo
Alto and San Francisco. They are building an online film
community and global media network that will revolutionize
the way we consume and share media today.

    My client is rapidly growing its engineering team as this
market demands cutting-edge web-based and software
technologies. Their backend web application is 90% Python.
They also leverage a lot of existing open source Python
modules like Pyrex, Twisted framework, Pylucene, etc.

    They offer full-time employment with benefits and ground
floor equity participation.

contact mike at open-source-staffing.com 
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