[sf-lug] Consulting/Teaching ?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Jul 31 18:03:37 PDT 2006

Quoting John Ouellette (john_ouellette at yahoo.com):

> I just joined your  list and just moved to S.F . I am a sysadmin
> looking to branch into some other things, namely consulting or
> teaching, training.


> So I am wondering, how many here on this list are individual Linux
> consultants (not w/a firm) and what are some good resources /
> suggestions to someone starting out.

I've done that from time to time -- but I haven't a clue what to
recommend in the way of resources to someone starting out.  Be careful
about your record-keeping and billings, read a book or two about the
realities of the consulting trade, and be aware that almost all of your
business will probably come from referrals.  In the short term, expect
to do a bunch of subcontracting.

> Also, do any of you teach Linux at schools, or do public speaking
> regarding Linux?

I've done a bunch of that, but not so much lately.  (Been a bit busy.)

> Same question: What are some good resources / suggestions to someone
> starting out.

Er, that's kind of a broad question.  

You can get invited as a guest lecturer are both Linux user groups and
schools once people get to know you -- especially if you're willing to 
do it for free.  ;->  The schools tend to be more than a little wary of
people coming in with odd agendas -- with good reason.

You should definitely consider going to Rich Morin's Bay Area Scripting
SIG dinner/meetings in Noe Valley.  See the link "SF Bay Area Scripting
Groups" near the top of BALE (http://linuxmafia.com/bale/).  That's the
closest thing to a consultants' confab you're likely to find here,
lately -- unless I'm missing something, which certainly could be.

Besides, Wild Pepper is a darned good little restaurant.

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