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Adrien Lamothe alamozzz at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 11 11:10:57 PDT 2006

I agree that the list is not innundated with job postings, so it hasn't been a problem. This particular listing just happened to press my hot button. Todd Huss has posted a clarification to the job requirements. Still, I get very turned off when a company seems to have a well defined set of skill/experience requirements, but they don't bother to post a salary range. In my experience, not posting a salary range means "we want to hire someone at as low a salary as we can negotiate". It is also a good idea to post a salary range to avoid wasting peoples' time.

Regarding this job posting in particular, they may have a better chance finding someone if they concentrate on the South Bay (where a lot of folks who actually live in San Francisco work). Companies like Yahoo use a lot of MySQL, and someone at that type of company is likely tired of being a cubicule drone and spending three hours a day commuting. Also, I personally meet at lot of Postgres people in the Bay Area, but I can't remember the last time I've met someone who works with MySQL; this may be because the Bay Area is a big BSD stronghold.

jim stockford <jim at well.com> wrote: 
    Rick's point was taken seriously. As the sf-lug
group has no leader (and hopefully won't),
action depends on some kind of consensus.
    As to (a policy re) job postings, there were a
few who piped up against, I believe a few who
piped up for, but the big response was silence,
hence non-action because of non-discussion.
    It seems to me that the sf-lug mail stream is
not deluged by job postings and that some of
the occasional job posts have in their wake a
discussion (such as Adrien's cross-post) that
generate educational discussion. The
educational effect seems to me, personally,
much more beneficial than the nuisance, and
again: there have not been sufficient numbers
objecting to generate policy or action.
    All that said, Adrien's and Rick's input are
much valued (as postings following theirs

On Jul 10, 2006, at 10:05 PM, Rick Moen wrote:

> Quoting Adrien Lamothe (alamozzz at yahoo.com):
>> I'm cross-posting this, from the SF LUG mailing list. Some people here
>> undoubtedly can appreciate this. Apparently the guy didn't ask prior
>> permission to post his message, instead he "hopes it is O.K. to post
>> job messages" to the list.
> After the first "I hope it's OK to post job messages" post to sf-lug, I
> urged the group to have a specific jobs policy.  (In addition to that,
> separately from it, I urged that jobs offerers be politely directed to
> the myriads of appropriate dedicated jobs forums, such as mailing lists
> for that purpose operated by SVLUG, BayLISA, and BAFUG.)  I pointed to
> the explicit policies on the main SVLUG and CABAL mailing lists, as
> possible models.  Unfortunately, they declined to take any action.
> I'm not part of the leadership of that group:  I just furnish a home 
> for
> their mailing list.
> And yes, I think your critique was extremely well founded.
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