[sf-lug] Looking for a Senior MySQL administrator in San Francisco

Al Eridani al.eridani at gmail.com
Tue Jul 11 08:02:45 PDT 2006

On 7/10/06, Asheesh Laroia <asheesh at asheesh.org> wrote:

> On the other hand, they might be looking for someone to help them with an
> existing web app that they need to squeeze lots of performance out of
> while maintaining good reliability.  So maybe they need another developer
> for that who really *knows* MySQL, their database engine of choice.

But they also want OS administration, etc. Notice that the person would also
share the on-call duties 50% of the time, which leads me to believe that they
want to expand the team from one person to two.

In essence, they don't want a DBA; they want a jack-of-all-trades, but
it doesn't
sound as nice.

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