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bob sungib ffejveg at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 7 12:40:38 PDT 2006

Well the pclinuxos cd did not come in the mail yesterday as expected, so I 'm hoping today's the day... I'm feeling a bit rushed with this as sonic.net's hook-up guide that i received yesterday said the modem must "train for at least 10 days" and that I must "leave the dsl modem plugged in, turned on, and connected at all times . You do not need to leave your computer turned on during this period, just the dsl modem." (and because my hook-up date is  Monday, they requested that I plug in and turn on everything no later than that day - preferably the day before).
  Not a problem except that if I don't install pclos on my hd this weekend I will not be able to set up the firewall (yes, I can set it up from the live cd but that doesn't save the changes and so lasts only until the computer is turned off and then it reverts to the default (no firewall)). And am I correct in assuming that it is VERY unwise to have the computer exposed even for the few minutes it would take me to re-boot and go to the control center to reconfigure the firewall? Will I be exposed anyway because dsl is "always on" even when the computer is turned off?  
  Sorry for these meandering thoughts - my best bet is to see how everything works out over the weekend and call sonic.net's support line if the os install is not successful. Wish me luck! Thanks.

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