[sf-lug] Sunday at the Javacat 11 AM to 1 PM

jim stockford jim at well.com
Fri Mar 31 07:21:00 PST 2006

See you there, Javacat on Geary at 20th in SF.

I got a package from Marsee Henon at O'reilly:
it's got three books in it. I don't recall ordering
them, tho' I like them. If any of you ordered
books in the name of sf-lug, let me know (fast).
I plan to bring the books Sunday for perusal
and divvying up.

Adrien Lamothe wrote an article for O'Reilly's
ONLamp.com magazine:

Here's the blurb from the Linux News newsletter:
Apple's actually migrated to Intel-based processors just as the PS3 is
about to get ready to come out.  The Cell processor may resurrect the
PowerPC architecture.  The PS3 may be a general-purpose Linux box sold
stealthily as a game device.  What does this all mean for Linux?  Is 
getting pinned between IBM and Linux?  What do processor architectures
have to do with operating systems and the future of software?  Adrien
Lamothe speculates how Apple's risks might open more doors for truly 

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