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Thought I'd forward this along. Anybody interested.

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Subject: Subscribe free to Network Support and Sys Admin
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                                                                      Dear vincent,      
                                                                                     We are sending  you this offer because you have subscribed to similar  Telecommunications Publications in the past. As such, we wanted to give  you the chance to subscribe to Network Support  and also to Sys Admin.
    Be sure to forward  this email to business associates - they may wish to apply to receive a  complimentary publication in their industry as well. 
                                                                                                                                                                     Network Support NaSPA,  the Network and Systems Professionals Association, Inc. is dedicated to  the IT professionals who implement, support and manage their company's  integrated operating environments. Network Support magazine  encompasses a variety of informative topics that are sure to appeal to  all IT professionals, from the data center to the desktop. Network Support  delves into the perennial concerns of host-based and networked  environments through the following highly focused topics: Storage,  Security, Backup and Recovery, SQL server, Certifications and training,  Linux, Wireless technology, Disaster Recovery, XML and Shareware.
  Sys Admin Every  month we'll give you the information you need to handle the daily  challenges of systems administration efficiently and effectively.  You'll find ways to improve the performance or extend the capabilities  of your system. Coverage includes: integrating heterogeneous  systems-UNIX, NT, W4W, NetWare; security; backup; crash recovery;  system analysis and monitoring; and system automation.  
                                   MORE Trade Publications FREE to Qualified Professionals include:                                                                                                                                                Security Technology & Design  Is the fastest growing publication in the security technology industry.  ...                                                                                       Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide   Is the Marine & Stationary Power Authority, covering the markets,  products, technology and industry news of the large piston engine and  gas turbine industries.  ...                                                                  Total Telecom  Is "The Economist of the communications industry".  ...                                                                                                                   Other Professional Publications can be found at: Telecommunications , more...                                   
                                                       Browse the list of job functions and industries on the application form  to see if you might qualify. Also note the geographic availability.  Then simply complete the form and submit it. 
    If you have co-workers, friends or family who work in a related field, please pass this offer on to them - they'll thank you!  
  TradePub.com Team
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