[sf-lug] multimedia

jim stockford jim at well.com
Sat Mar 25 10:46:43 PST 2006

thanks, rick, for the info. I chip in:
    Linux Journal April 2006 issue includes an article
titled Podcasting for the Penguin by Jon Watson
( http://www.jonwatson.ca/ ) Check out that link!

    In the article he mentions interviewing Richard
Stallman (GNU founder and FOSS early visionary).
RS urges use of Ogg Vorbis format files, which are
free of license/patent/"psychosis" baggage:
    If Stallman is for it, it's high priority interesting
(not to say knee-jerk adoptable).

    Having read rick's info/opinion/email-blog on
multimedia (more thanks!) at the same time this
article was my reading assignment in the family
bathroom, the tho't occurs: promote the use of
free-use technology; i hope the greater community
creates a whole new technology set AND CONTENT
that escapes the gravity of the existing
media biz suit sets and marketers.

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