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Wed Mar 22 08:34:20 PST 2006

thanks for asking those questions tobi. i'm more interested in the  multimedia aspect of all this. especially the diy. can't afford the  $700 for photoshop soultions. i'd be interested to know.

tobi x <grrrebelsoul at yahoo.com> wrote:  Thanks for the tips and the welcome, Adrian!  This is tobi  [t.rex], by the way, [not Kevin] who wrote the message you replied to!    ; )
  Since I got your email, I've been looking up SuSe and Debian, and I really like the ideology behind Debian that I found on
  - that its the only large distro that functions with open development  on the web for people [not just a smaller closed circle of programmers]  to revise and adapt.  Please correct me if I'm wrong about this,  but this would be a great factor in which Linux system I support... I  am a big advocate of the DIY non-corporate, open collectivity in the  evolution of Linux as all-inclusive and accessible programming.
  Is Debian good for multimedia work?
  My computer is a Acer TravelMate 8104 notebook, and I am using it for  graphic design, music editing/recording, and occassional film  editing.  I want to learn Python, and how to make a website.
 So I am  looking for a Linux that supports good multimedia packages - can people  recommend specific software and which Linux might suit these things?
  Adrian said:
      "SuSE is rpm based, a turn-off for many."
  What is RPM based?  And what exactly is GNU?
  If I install a version of Linux on my computer just to see what it is  like, will it be difficult to return my system to its current state if  I decide not to use Linux [or try a different version]?
  I really want to try Linux, but I am a bit hesitant because I still  have a lot to learn about it - and about computers in general - and I  don't want to find myself in a position where my computer, and me, are  screwed and I don't know how to fix it!
  Replies or guidance to good links/resources for any of these questions would be greatly appreciated!

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