[sf-lug] Monday March 20, Marilyn Davis on Python (at Javacat)

jim stockford jim at well.com
Sat Mar 11 10:45:58 PST 2006

    Discussion at the last two meetings has included
a fair amount of code-related talk.
    Our next meeting has, for the first time in sf-lug
history, a scheduled person (I don't want to say
"speaker" 'cause the format will remain--show up
and do as you please, talk or listen, chew with your
mouth open--one or more conversations seem to
keep rolling at our meetings).
    This person is a python developer--actually uses
python for product development, and also teaches
programming at one of the state universities (I
forget which).
    She's real engaging, accessible, fun to talk to, and
loves python, so if anybody can explain why use
python rather than php or perl or java..., it's she:
# there are a number of (I think) interesting
# links here--she's into community, a bit of a rebel
# it seems to me

# this page is not immediately accessible from the
# deliberate.com top page: has a short bio and pic

    Making a commitment to a programming language
is (i think) a big deal. you have to learn not just the
language itself, but any particular tools, and most
importantly: the libraries, modules, packages, etc.
That's a lot of learning and a lot of getting used to.
    There aren't many people who are expert in more
than one language, so if you're thinking about coding
for a living, think hard. Python is a general purpose,
modern, mature object oriented language designed
for maintenance and readability, somewhat oriented
toward web stuff.

# there are lots of packages

# main python page for the world

# bay area python user's group, meets once a month
# on the google campus

# good introductory tutorial

I bcc'd marilyn so she can correct any misinformation.

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