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mark at kermit.org mark at kermit.org
Sat Mar 4 11:37:03 PST 2006

We need to see the firewall / NAT configuration.

Most likely the packages from the network get NATed  
before they even hit squid, therefore Squid will see as source  
address not the local network, but the public IP address of the  

You will need to make sure that you do NOT translate (NAT) any  
connections from your local network to the public Internet Port 80.  
Since Squid is acting as a proxy, it will fetch the page form the  
public Internet and deliver it to your local client.

I hope that helps,


On Mar 4, 2006, at 09:10 , jim stockford wrote:

> this human being deserves help, seems to me.
> The problem is network access through a firewall
> after replacing the Windows firewall host with a
> Linux host.
> Can anyone help?
> the  tr  domain is turkey.
> Begin forwarded message:
>> From: İnanç Çığşar <icigsar at tusside.gov.tr>
>> Date: March 4, 2006 1:35:49 AM PST
>> To: jim at well.com
>> Subject: A question about squid problem
>> Hi ,
>>  I found your e-mail address while I was searching for help  
>> through the net. I will try to explain about my network structure  
>> and my problem.
>>  We were using a Windows server as a firewall and gateway and a  
>> Red Hat as a proxy server. When we had a problem with the firewall  
>> we replaced it with a Fedora Core ( squid and shorewall are  
>> configured ) as a proxy,getaway and firewall.Then remove the red  
>> hot server which was serving as a (squid) proxy . But my problems  
>> continued.
>>  Below is my squid configuration on Fedora Core ( which is also  
>> the gateway and firewall ):
>>  acl mydomain src
>>  http_access allow mydomain
>>  http_access deny !mydomain
>>  But when i try to open www.mydomain.com and any other pages under  
>> www.mydomain.com ( www.mydomain.com/references.asp) i get an error  
>> ( 111) saying that connection refused. when i clear the proxy  
>> options the pages are displayed.
>>  I had the same config when i was using Red hat squid but it was  
>> neither a gateway nor a firewall.It was only running as a proxy.  
>> Why i get a refused connection error??
>>  I would be glad if you can support me with this...
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