[sf-lug] check out the prototype sf-lug web site

jim stockford jim at well.com
Sat Feb 25 11:07:14 PST 2006

    Check out our prototype, under construction web
site pages.
    First see
Second scroll to the bottom of the page.
Third click the test link to see the prototype of the
revised sf-lug.org web page(s).

    All members are welcome to contribute to this
project (good for developing your resume or feeling
good about helping out or...).
    Send an email request to jim at well.com for an ssh
login account (sf–lug members can have ssh login
accounts for any reasonable reason). The host is
CentOS-based, which is build from RedHat Enterprise
Linux 4 source code.

    Many thanks to Vincent Polite and Mark Summer
for their work on this prototype web page. Vince has
done the design, Mark wrote the code to update the
meeting date info.

    Vince is one of the founding members of sf-lug
and specializes in web design:

    Mark is one of the honchos of Inveneo:
which designs, builds, and delivers highly reliable,
low power, low cost computer systems for remote
regions: "solutions worldwide that are open,
sustainable and affordable."
    They are always looking for volunteers. The
technologies they deal with range from software to
Debian Linux systems to computer hardware
components to wi-fi to VoIP to low-energy power
    If you want to develop your techie resume, consider
volunteering with this group: their team is high quality
and they have real credibility in the industry.

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