[sf-lug] Sybase wants to give us stuff

jim stockford jim at well.com
Thu Feb 23 12:17:26 PST 2006

(I, jim, will send Patrick my home address and after
his package arrives send email and bring all the
booty to the subsequent meeting.)

I am sending this note to offer to you and your User
Group some promotional items to give away at your
next User Group meeting.
My name is Patrick Enright and I manage Sybase's
WorldWide Developer Programs.

I would like to send you a package of software, Journals,
diagrams & tshirts that you can give to your members for
attending your next meeting.
I am interested in spreading the word of Sybase on Linux
and that is why Iam reaching out to the User Groups
You can feel free to sign up for the Sybase
Developer Network at the link above and kick the tires
of all of Sybase's software.

I would also add that within the Sybase Developer Network
we have a community-based development environment called
CodeXchange, sf-lug members are more than welcome to visit
that site to view other folks contributions and if they
like, even start their own projects.
Please provide me a shipping address to send the box of
items and I will send them to you.
In addition, if you ever would like a speaker and/or
additional content for your meetings I can certainly
provide that for you as well.
Patrick Enright
Patrick.Enright at sybase.com

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