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jim stockford jim at well.com
Mon Jan 23 09:24:34 PST 2006

anybody interested in going to this?
tonight in palo alto. if i go i can provide
rides to and from.

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> Subject: [Balug-talk] How Hackers Collaborate: Monday (tonight!) in  
> Palo Alto
> Tonight's SDForum Collaboration SIG meeting in Palo Alto is entitled,
> "How Hackers Collaborate."  We've got an excellent set of "panelists":
> Lee Felsenstein, the legendary hacker and activist; Jim Warren, public
> policy advocate and founder of many important tech magazines and
> conferences; and David Weekly, an entrepreneur who organizes a monthly
> Bay Area hacker gathering called SuperHappyDevHouse.
> I call them "panelists," because this won't be a traditional panel.
> It will be highly participatory, an opportunity for you to share your
> own stories and lessons about working with other hackers.
> The "panel" will be at the Pillsbury Winthrop law firm in Palo Alto,
> from 6:30-9pm.  The event is free for SDForum members, and costs $15
> for everyone else.  Please come!  It will be engaging, entertaining,
> and educational.  More info is at:
> http://collaborationsig.jot.com/WikiHome/EventArchives/ 
> HowHackersCollaborate
> -Eugene
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