[sf-lug] An introduction to the Python programming language

jim stockford jim at well.com
Wed Jan 11 21:39:38 PST 2006

Thursday evening, January 12: Newbies Night

    If you want an introduction to the Python
programming language, Marilyn Davis'
presentation should be great--she's an
experienced developer and expert teacher.
    I'm going and I'll be glad to take you along
if you respond t this email before 8:00 AM
Thursday, 1/12 (tomorrow) to arrange where
I pick you up in SF.
    Gotta be at the Google Mountain View
campus by around 7:00 PM, back around
11:00 PM, I'll drive you to your house.
    The event is the BayPiggies Python users'
group: meet in Google Building 43 lobby and
walk to room Tech Talk 42 (TT-42) (1600
Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View).

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