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>Much as you indeed own that milk, there are hundred of years of
>precedent for attaching strings to contracts:  As long as the subject
>matter of the contract is not itself illegal[1], the courts have allowed
>competent adults[2] to sign away almost all rights, if they're reckless
>and don't carefully watch what they agree to.[3]

Actually, just the opposite usually happens. Courts will not allow people
to sign away their rights. That is why most contracts contain what is
called a "severability" clause. A severability clause states to the effect
that "in the event any portion of this contract is deemed illegal, void or
unenforceable, such judgement does not effect the remaining portions
of this contract, and such portions remain in full effect."

Of course, in uncertain cases (grey areas) it all comes down to the judge and 
whatever personal bias the judge has (and can get away with while 
appearing to be impartial.)

One of the basic principles of contract law is to write a contract that is
as outrageous as possible, claiming rights beyond what is legal or
reasonable, the rationale being that by exceeding the limits you will
therefore be fully protected up to the limits allowed by law.

- Adrien

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