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Thanks guys for your comments. 
Rick's comments on getElement(id): I've not done much in the way of
modifying the javascript client since I found it. I set it to throttle
back requests if the user is idling for 2 mins or more, but haven't
looked at cross-browser compatibility. That's a good catch though I'll
try to address that next release.
Jim's comment on graceful exit: I want to look at how blogger asks you
if you're sure you want to leave when you're editing a new blog post
because it's that kind of thing that could help me get real-time exit
messages from the client. For now, timing out is how it's done.
Jim's comment on notifying admins when people come in the room: This
could be a simple as adding a little email sending code to chat.php when
a user first enters. Otherwise, the file status.php is meant to be php
or shtml included in a page. It is meant to be included on the homepage
of a site, shows how many people are in the room and is linked to the
login page.
Jim's comment on admin not available sign: This set of scripts is sorely
lacking admin functionality short of directly editing the txt files that
store the chat text, pings and user data. I've not seen too much abuse
so I've not worked on that. The original guy did some of that in asp.net
because he was dugg and had some nare-do-wells get in there are start
messing with the server. There probably should be a way to designate an
admin username and not allow anybody to use that name unless they know a
password. Then if admin's not logged in, an admin not available message
could be added to the userlist.
Jim's comment on the chatbot: Personally I want a chatbot gameshow host
that directs 8 users to play a game of chat survivor against one
another. 8 users, 3 chatrooms, 1 hour..1 survivor!
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Thanks for the notes Rick. I've always been a little programming phobic.
Hate reading through doc's. It is nice to look at something that works,
and then begin to see how it works. You begin to see the beauty of
minimalist, streamlined, hand, coding. Books are always so daunting. A
lot of online stuff seems to not work, or a waste of verbiage, "Is that
a real word, he thinks, while trying to sound like he has a solid grasp
of the English language, and feel superior, all at the same time." Has
he accomplished either? 

Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote: 
Quoting vincent polite (vpolitewebsiteguy at yahoo.com):

> Hi David,
> Thanks for sharing. I actually might be able to use it on this project
I'm working on. Of course, you would be acknowledged, and any money
coming from it, you'd get apart of. 

For those who haven't tried & downloaded David's app, it's a nice demo
Javascript / XML/ XMLHttpRequest coding. 

David, I notice that you don't have a default handler for if function
getElement( id ) can't decide what browser this is. You might want to 
provide one: There are an increasing number of Mozilla-compatible
variants and others (e.g. Opera) that are DOM/Javascript capable, and
can't be sure their App Name string will always be "Netscape", as your
isFirefox test assumes.

Not that you should make special provisions for _my_ browser, but, just
to discourage webmasters from making vendor-dependent sites, I tend to
browse with App Name set to "Doesn't Matter" and User Agent set to
"W3C standards are important. Stop f---ing obsessing over user-agent

(There are a bunch of us who browse with User Agent set that way, as a
specific statement to webmasters and site managers. See:
http://twiki.iwethey.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/UserAgentString )

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