[sf-lug] Rick's explanation of his internet setup.

Adrien Lamothe alamozzz at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 2 22:30:14 PST 2006

>They also not only have no objection to dependency on proprietary
>drivers; they flock to it. Worse, they favour systems that are grossly
>out of balance by normal-usage standards: heavy on CPU and video
>processing power, relatively deficient in I/O.

I've done some work for an internet cafe, helping to set up and configure game servers running Linux to host the game Half-Life. We've run SuSE, Slackware, Debian and Red Hat successfully on hardware that would probably qualify as "grossly out of balance." So far the servers have worked without a hitch.

>I read Anandtech and Tom's Hardware from time to time; the opinions are
>interesting but _utterly_ Windows-centric -- as are 100% of their test
>results and benchmarks.

Well, I've probably been spoiled, because I've been using SuSE Linux, since version 5.1. I've installed SuSE on many systems, some of them purchased at thrift shops, others brand new that I've built for myself and others, and name-brand systems purchased at places like CompUSA. SuSE always worked, out of the box, without problem, on whatever hardware I installed it on. So, when I've gone to AnandTech and Toms Hardware for research, I've found their advice regarding hardware issues (stability, which components play nice with each other, etc.) useful, even from a Linux perspective.

I've recently evaluated several Debian-based distros, due to uncertainty about events at Novell/SuSE and problems experienced with SuSE 10.0. I've tried Kanotix 3-2005, Kubuntu 5.10, and Simply Mepis. So far, I've had problems with all three of those distros, from not installing to having the system lock-up. These problems occurred on several different computers, the same computers that are able to run SuSE 9.3 without a hitch. I hope to one day play around with Debian package management, but I'll have to put that day on hold until I find a Debian distro that actually works. Now I understand why much of the activity at Cabal meetings involves trying to get Debian working on all the different systems people bring; I always thought it odd that so much time was spent on that. I have seen Debian working on systems at Cabal, so I know it can be done.


Adrien Lamothe

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