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Mon Jan 2 08:50:34 PST 2006

>Ja, well, that's the trick, isn't it?  You can garner a big pile of
>opinions, and then try to decide which are worth anything.  I have a
>vague, fuzzy, and not-necessarily-easily-usable rule of thumb called
>Moen's Law of Hardware:  "Use what the programmers use."  More at:

My rule for choosing new, "bleeding edge" hardware, which I have employed with great success, is called "Use what the gamers use." Computer gamers are the most insatiable, curious, and often technically knowledgable consumers of computer hardware. Sites such as http://www.anandtech.com and http://www.tomshardware.com do a good job of evaluating the latest hardware. While on the subject, using AMD-based systems is a pretty safe bet these days. The big excitment will happen in March or April, when Sony releases the Playstation 3, which is based on the new IBM/Sony/Toshiba "Cell" processor. IBM has ported Linux to the Cell and Sony plans to use Linux as the operating system.

- Adrien Lamothe

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