[sf-lug] Something to consider for hosting--RFC

Adrien Lamothe alamozzz at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 2 08:40:53 PST 2006

>> * Discounts for the charitable are great.

>People often think getting tax-exempt status is a lot easier than it
>really is.  You more-or-less need to incorporate (or be under the wing
>of a corporation).  The corporation must be non-profit.  (Strictly
>speaking, you can alternatively use a trust or an "unincorporated
>association", but, a lot of the time, incorporation is involved.)
>_Also_, you must appeal to the IRS for a "determination letter" under
>Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) or one of the other similar categories.
>And then you wait for them to get around to you, which can take quite a
>long time.

>There are a bunch of responsibilities before and after the 
>determination letter.  For details, read IRS Publications 4220 and 4221.

Why do you want sf-lug to exist as a non-profit? Unless it is a large group with lots of expenses (think BMUG, may it RIP) it doesn't make any sense to do that and it will be way more hassle than it is worth.

- Adrien Lamothe

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