[sf-lug] Something to consider for hosting--RFC

jim stockford jim at well.com
Sun Jan 1 21:10:45 PST 2006

I've gone round and round on this colo vs stick to
what we've got vs web hosting that I'm dizzy. Issues:
* It's a good, good thing that we members have root
access to the boxes. Those of us who want to jump
in will learn linux better.
* It's a good thing that we members have physical
access to the boxes.
* It's a thing to save money: $15 per month is a
better thing than $100 per month.
* We assume the ability to tweak our web pages
ourselves whenever we like.
* T-1 is better than sDSL is better than aDSL.
* Discounts for the charitable are great.
* Sharing costs with others gets better situations at
less cost but with possibly more confusion (the
others may have root access, too).
* XEN or UML linux (virtual OS instances) are good,
but what's the learning curve?

    MediaTemple is in Culver City. Web hosting
presents the risk of cost overages if storage or
bandwidth exceeds specs. What's the value of
being able to drive to the boxes and hang out
with the in situ wetware?

    There's a guy down the street from me who
has a T-1 line and wifi antennas all over his roof.
His clients are dozers who read their email and
sports in the evenings. He claims most of the
bandwidth is available and doesn't care if I hog
it somewhat. He claims I can have a static IP
address (don't know if that's a 10. etc.--let's
assume it's public). My bottleneck would be the
wifi connection between my back deck and his
roof. Given our good relations with him, we
could make our connection available to others,
too, for some consideration (money or help or
smiles). I'm not yet good enough to sysadm
the box, security, and entire set of servers.

Your opinions?

On Jan 1, 2006, at 7:29 PM, John Lowry wrote:

> I have a few friends that work at a hosting company that can hook us 
> up with a %15 discount no problem if we decide to go that route and 
> have told me that once we get a non-profit tax code that we will get a 
> %40 discount.
>  They work at Media Temple
> www.mediatemple.net
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> John Lowry
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