[sf-lug] Rick's explanation of his internet setup.

Adrien Lamothe alamozzz at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 1 18:11:32 PST 2006

Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:

>Jury says:  Not even worth cracking the case to find out whether the number of open slots is two or zero.

Well, cleaning out dust is always a good thing to do.

>Remember, this is junk hardware, like any computer _that_ old (8 yrs.).

I think it is an excellent piece of hardware. 
The 400BX chipset is very stable, a great choice for a server.
The Pentium III Coppermine is a very capable processor.

Don't let uncle-enzo die! He has been a good uncle, now you
should support and comfort him in his old age. What do the
other conspire list members think? Shouldn't uncle-enzo be 
allowed to continue doing what he has done so well for so

Long live uncle-enzo!


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