[dvlug] New Podcast, No (official) Meeting until Sept 28th

Grant Bowman grant at dvlug.org
Fri Sep 21 11:45:17 PDT 2012

We released the new podcast with Jono Bacon of Canonical and the
Ubuntu Project! http://www.dvlug.org  Thanks to Mark Terranova who
snapped some great pictures. Robert Wall supported the hosting efforts
of Ian Lynn, Bethany Doolin and I.

We meet (officially) on the second and fourth Friday of each month.
Mark your calendars for the next meeting at 7PM on Friday, September
14th. If you can't wait, bring a penguin with you to your favorite
cafe at any time. It sure helps start some interesting conversations.


We are lucky to live in the SF Bay Area where there are many tech
related talks and meetups like ours. If you will be attending one,
please let us know. Maybe we will see you there. Want to find friendly
support and promote Ubuntu to your friends? Check out
http://ubuntu-california.org  Feel free to ask questions on this email
list. Apparently kind spirited suggestions welcome.

I have added the http://olpcsf.org/summit event to the calendar on our
website. If you are interested in the http://laptop.org project that
has put 3.1 million laptops in the hands of kids all over the world,
please consider attending. Each laptop runs http://fedoraproject.org
Linux with the Python powered http://sugarlabs.org software created
just for education. Sugar can be booted from a USB stick if you want
to try it out on your computer.



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