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 July 3
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Weekend of Learning

Erin Knight wrote a posted some results of Mozilla's Summer Code
which was a resounding success. Over 100 events across over 30 countries,
with over 1,000 people learning to code. Her role was to monitor social
media and share interesting things that came through. She shared a few of
the projects to dig a little deeper to expose the learning that's actually
occurring underneath. In summary, despite some of the surface simplicity of
some of the projects, there is a lot of learning and web literacy behind

A Firefox T-Shirt on Google Streetview


Last year, Otto de
on Twitter that a Google Street View car passed and filmed him
wearing a Firefox T-Shirt. He was on vacation in Estonia when Google's cars
were busy recording the screnery. Knowing they were around he wanted to get
recorded by one while wearing a Firefox T-shirt. After waiting for many
months, the result is now visible. Read more about how he managed to get
himself photographed<http://click.e.mozilla.org/?qs=bf59688c273cfb6131ae4080c812663019d32c21718825765fb5bb06504168a371091b6a9f0ddefa>

Mozilla Gains Global Support For a Firefox Mobile OS

Mozilla has announced growing industry support behind plans for a Firefox
mobile OS<http://click.e.mozilla.org/?qs=bf59688c273cfb615c5f8f7b03eb8c219656533b55a11cb22da4c7469bcab2d3ceb1914618ee5497>based
on HTML5. The operating system will power the launch of smartphones
built entirely to open Web standards, where all of the device's
capabilities can be developed as HTML5 applications. Mozilla and all other
participants are committed to ensuring the project is fully open and the
reference implementation of the required Web APIs is being submitted to W3C
for standardization.

The Difference between the Firefox of 2011 and 2012

Tyler Downer wrote a blog
all users who are on an older version of Firefox, or who moved from
Firefox to another browser. He lists many reasons that say how Firefox is
better. Thanks to the MemShrink
the memory management is far better nowadays. With many new and useful
features, newer versions of Firefox are also faster at everything from
Startup to Javascript. So go ahead and try it out!

Mozilla and Language Preservation
There are about 7,000 spoken languages around the world. Many of them are
well known and spoken by millions of people, while others are on the brink
of extinction. According to the Endangered Languages
nearly half of them could become extinct within this century. Preserving
them has become a high priority for many people worldwide, including the
localization teams at Mozilla. Read Jeffrey Beatty's blog
you want to know more about how Mozilla works closely with teams who
localize Firefox into languages like Kashubian, Ligurian or Occitan.
Photo of the Week

The Arabic Mozilla Meetup's participants

Meet some Mozillians

Mozilla says bonjour to Anne
Solutions Linux<http://click.e.mozilla.org/?qs=4d4c9e882a0ddf7243cdb06cf94d4c2ae43fa9f425b2e3db07c9d2dc05b202fecda8fe0a285876fa>,
Jan Bambach<http://click.e.mozilla.org/?qs=4d4c9e882a0ddf7293a5f0d3576d23843c417b1e81fda307ef6a386c17216da5d96deca6a0c93f67>and

Upcoming Events
    July 4 WebVisions<http://click.e.mozilla.org/?qs=4d4c9e882a0ddf7269b5357af04e4c314c20bb2bdf55108a88d1a6c042297a405655c0aed911dc02>

Barcelona, Spain
  July 7 13th Libre Software

Geneva, Switzerland
  July 14 Open Web Camp

San Jose, California
  July 16 OSCON

Portland, OR

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