[dvlug] Meeting Today, Fri, Sep 17th at Caffe La Scala

Grant Bowman grantbow at gmail.com
Fri Sep 17 17:18:24 PDT 2010

Same bat time, same bat channel.  6:00 in Walnut Creek. We look
forward to talking with you on the list or in person or on this list.

Upcoming events in the SF Bay Area region include:

* www.olpcsf.org meeting tomorrow, Sat Sept 18th http://www.olpcsf.org

* IRC meeting https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam in
#ubuntu-california on Freenode.net

* Monday Sept 20th http://www.sf-lug.org

* Tues, Set 21st http://www.balug.org

* Wed, Sept 22nd http://noisebridge.net

* Wed, Sept 22nd http://www.penlug.org

* Thurs, Sept 23 http://www.baypiggies.net/

There are quite a few Art & Wine festivals too for those interested in
such things.  Benicia and Lafayette this weekend, Walnut Creek next

www.dvlug.org meets every Friday from 6:00 PM regardless of the reminder emails.



P.S. To the person looking for me last time, I heard from the staff of
Caffe La Scala that I arrived just a few brief moments after you left
as when I looked for you you were gone. I am sorry I was late. For
last minute updates follow me on twitter. http://twitter.com/grantbow
There were at least two dvlug.org folks at the Caffe already. I'm
sorry we didn't connect. One of the reasons we enjoy meeting at this
location is because it's a pleasant place to spend time with or
without a meeting.

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