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Whooo hoooo another update to an old os!

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I am sure the CentOS version will be following close behind.


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Date: Mar 30, 2010 3:38 PM
Subject: [rhelv5-announce] Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 GA Announcement
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Red Hat is pleased to announce the availability of the
latest update to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, release 5.5
(with kernel-2.6.18-194.el5) for a family of products

 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Advanced Platform for x86,
  AMD64/Intel(r) 64, Itanium Processor Family, Power
  Systems and System z
 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Server for x86,
  AMD64/Intel(r) 64, Itanium Processor Family, Power
  Systems and System z
 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Desktop for x86 and
  AMD64/Intel(r) 64


The Release Notes are available on the media as well as
online as part of the general documentation.  The online
version of the Release Notes will contain the latest data.
The Technical Notes are only available online.  Please
see the Documentation section in this announcement for
locating the online Release Notes and Technical Notes.

The following list summarizes improvements to this

* Hardware
 - Boxboro-EX, Boxboro-MC, Magny-Cours and Power7
   platform support

* System
 - OpenOffice and Samba updates for interoperability

* Virtualization
 - libvirt enhancement for greater than 256 guests

Additional Information

Additional information is provided below on Accessing the
Software, Documentation, Support, and Mailing Lists.

Enjoy the latest update to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Team


Accessing the Software

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 is available to existing
Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscribers via RHN.  The update
will be in the appropriate channels in your account.
Installable binary and source ISO images are available
via Red Hat Network at:


You will be required to log in using a valid RHN account
with active entitlements.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 errata are available at:



Release Notes and Technical Notes for this update are
available on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 site at:


The Release Notes are also on your Red Hat Enterprise
Linux 5 installed system in the redhat-release-notes


Red Hat Enterprise Linux customers using the Technical
Account Manager (TAM) Service should raise all issues and
questions with this release using your current Issue
Tracker account.  If you're interested in the Technical
Account Manager Service, visit:


All other customers can raise questions and issues through
the normal Red Hat support channels.  Details can be found


Mailing Lists

Red Hat has a public mailing list for communication during
this and all future Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 programs.

* rhelv5-announce redhat com

 A low-volume, moderated, announcement-only mailing list.
 Red Hat will use this list to communicate one-way
 information about Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 programs,
 such as notifications when releases are available or
 solicitations for feedback.  Subscribe at:


* rhelv5-list redhat com

 A public general discussion mailing list for users of
 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 releases.  Subscribe at:


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