[dvlug] Need for Technical Assistance - Error problem connecting MYSQL to HTTP

Michael Paric mparic at compbizsolutions.com
Fri Jan 1 14:32:40 PST 2010

> Hello to all.
> Happy new year to all.
> I have a question to ask. Perhaps someone can help me.
> I received this error message on a CentOS Linux computer after
> installing apache, mysql, and php:
> Cannot connect to mysql (Unknown MySQL server host 'http' (1))
> I've spent days trying to figure this one out myself and have failed
> miserably.
> Does anyone have any suggestions?
> I thank you all and have a great year
> Harry Strout
> 925-926-1081
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What are you trying to do when connecting to MySQL? Running a web  
site? Trying to admin MySQL?

If all the programs are on the same machine, try using "localhost" for  
the MySQL host name. Either your firewall is blocking the MySQL port  
when trying to connect to an IP address, or your default MySQL  
permissions are not set up to allow from IP address (even if it's the  
same as the machine it's installed on) and just allows connections  
from "localhost".

Michael Paric
Computer Business Solutions
mparic at compbizsolutions.com

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