[dvlug] building dvlug in to a larger group

Mark Terranova mark at gidgetkitchen.org
Wed Aug 12 03:53:18 PDT 2009

Let's sync a few meetings. What about meeting at la scala at 6 and bbq
after. The school year has not started yet. We can promote dvlug.
technically we are still in 'stealth mode'. Let's go full out on attracting
people. We are in a very tech savvy area; the trick is getting the word out.
As always Gidget Kitchen is willing to help. BTW dvlug members are always
invited to GK events.


The question we will soon be asking is; where can we hold meetings - we have
too many people!

"All Hail Tux the Magnificent!"

> Today's Topics:
>   1. Weekly Meetings? (Grant Bowman)
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