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Mark K. Zanfardino mzanfardino at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 15:48:59 PDT 2009


Currently I'm running Ubuntu Intrepid on my work machine (AMD Athlon X2 
w/ 2GB RAM and NVidia GeForce9400GT), and my laptop (IBM ThinkPad T42 w/ 
1.5GB RAM and ATI RC250). I'm running Ubuntu Intrepid Netbook Remix on 
my Asus Eeepc 901 (Intel dual-core Atom w/ 1GB RAM and 20GB SSD storage) 
and lastly I've just upgraded from Kubuntu Hardy to Kubuntu Intrepid on 
my home desktop (Intel P4 w/ 2GB RAM and Nvidia 6800 AGP). Oh, and my 
wife's laptop has Ubuntu, as does my bothers home PC and my mothers home 
PC, but they are all dual-boot and my wife, brother, and mother still us 

As you can see, I'm a bit of an Ubuntu junky. I started a couple of 
years ago with Kubuntu Gutsy and loved KDE until 4.x was released, so I 
moved to Gnome, which I now prefer (though I'm giving KDE a chance at 
home). I tend to use the command line for quite a number of operations.

I like to play with different distros though.  I have Gentoo installed 
on my laptop for about 6 months. I figured it was a good way to learn 
the ins-and-outs of linux. I've also run Suse, Fedora, Mint, and Sabayon 
at one time or another.  I've stuck with Ubuntu, as it's what I'm using 
at work and on the servers I deploy.

Wow, a lot more information than I'm sure you'd expected. Let me say up 
front though: I still consider myself a novice at the deep inner 
workings of linux.  I feel as though I've come to handle the 20% that 
allows me to get the 80% of the stuff I need to get done.  I'm now 
working on learning the remaining 80%!


Grant Bowman wrote:
> Hello Mark,
> I look forward to seeing you on Friday.  What distros do you run?
> Grant Bowman
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam
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