[dvlug] ATTN Web archive readers: This mailing list is available!

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Jul 11 02:53:18 PDT 2003

This is a placeholder message, aimed at people reading the DVLUG
Web archive.  Back around 1999, Brian Wallace <brianw at dvlug.org>, the
founder of Diablo Valley Linux User Group in Concord, Califoria asked me
to set up this list for his group, so I did.  He remained the sole
listadmin for several years, and only a few people ever joined.
Moreover, _nobody_ ever posted messages.

Brian eventually ceased responding to my e-mail, and eventually the
DVLUG Web pages (which I believe were on a free hosting service)
vanished, too.

I know people occasionally check the list archives, because I see the
activity in my logfiles.  Maybe they're looking for a Linux user group
in Contra Costa County, California?  For Walnut Creek?  Pleasanton?
Pleasant Hill?  Lafeyette?  The Lamorinda area?

(Please pardon the foregoing name-sprinkling:  It's for the benefit of
the Google index.)

Anyhow, if you _are_ such a person, don't be dismayed:  There may not be
any DVLUG, but you can recreate it if you wish.  This list remains
usable for anyone considering doing so -- or just wanting a virtual
place to chat about Linux/BSD/etc. in Diablo Valley.

Cheers,     Founding member of the Hyphenation Society, a grassroots-based, 
Rick Moen   not-for-profit, locally-owned-and-operated, cooperatively-managed,
rick at linuxmafia.com     modern-American-English-usage-improvement association.

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