[conspire] CABAL (in-person + Jitsi Meet), Sat. May 14, 4pm - 12m

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Sat May 14 09:52:22 PDT 2022

 Save room for dessert tonight.  I was thinking of baking before Rick's email.  
Apricot spice cake.
Backstory:When I grew up in Ohio, I never saw a fresh apricot.  Fresh fruits and vegetables were not shipped from Chile or New Zealand, the produce department was sparce during the winter months.  So for variety, we occasionally had stewed apricots, made from dried fruit sold in a plastic bag.
When I moved to CA and bought a house, I discovered I was the owner of a remnant of an old apricot orchard.  Those trees were only lasted a few more years, but by then I had learned grafting. The fruit in my yard is identical to the apricots that grew here long ago.
Trivia question:  Before Silicon Valley, what was the name of this area?Scroll down to the very bottom of this email.

    On Wednesday, May 11, 2022, 09:49:11 PM PDT, Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:  
 Saturday, May 14, 2022, 4pm - 12m PDT (UTC -7)

Rick & Deirdre's house
1105 Altschul Ave. @ Gordon Ave.
W. Menlo Park
(lost?  call me: 650-283-7902)

As NWS is my co-pilot, we are about to have beautiful weather, starting
tomorrow (Thursday) about 70-75 °F, well into evenings.  So, how
about summer fare?

Fresh-grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, and home-made potato salad,
plus home-made garlic bread and something for dessert?  Your job:  show up.

You must:

o  Be COVID-19 vaccinated.
o  Feel safe to be here, in company.
o  Attend at your own risk.

Bring your CDC card.  I will check.

_or_ attend online, via Jitsi Meet:  
To attend remotely, you'll need:

o  Computer w/Web browser.  

  mic w/ speakers/headphones.  Headphones/earbuds
  are recommended because they avert audio feeback loops.

o  or a specialised Jitsi Meet client program:

  o Jitsi Meet Client (28MB APK) for Android 5.0+, via F-Droid:

  o Jitsi Meet Client for Android, via Google Play Store

  o Jitsi Meet Client for iOS, via Apple iTunes Store

  o Jitsi Meet Electron desktop client (86MB binary: Linux x86_64, MacOS,
    MS-Windows), https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron/releases
    (Recommendation for headphones/earbuds still applies.)

Riddle me this:  WHat am I implicitly saying, if I mention that the
Beatles were entirely mistaken in suggesting my hair would be falling
out, nor have I rented a cottage on the Isle of Wight?

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A century ago, the area from the edge of Stanford to Campbell and Los Gatos was The Valley of the Heart's Delight.  It was all fruit trees.Los Altos was the apricot capital of the world.  Sunnyvale had cherries.    There remain a few place names like Pruneridge and Blossom Hill.  It was the largest area of fruit trees in the history of the world.
Now most people buy dried cots that were grown in Turkey or nearby countries.
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